Tuesday, August 2, 2011

great in the mundane

to some my life may seem fantastic, to others it might seem boring, to me (many times) it is mundane
the same thing, over & over & over again--like dirty dishes, dirty clothing, dirty diapers (mostly just cleaning dirty things it seems)
there are those days when life just seems blah! believe me, i've been struggling with that a lot lately. being at home day in, day out, just me and little e (papa is at work of course) can get pretty tough, but that is where God gives so much grace!

today, for instance, i had planned to simply be at home as usual when things suddenly changed. i heard a "kaboom"--okay more like a "crash" in the kitchen and considering the rat problem we had a week or so ago (yes, rats...i know totally sickening) i was completely freaked out! i called my knight in shining armor who came to check things out for me. no rats, at least not that he saw, but i quickly loaded my things into the car and went back over to the mall with him. while i feel slightly ridiculous packing up everything for the day/evening and rushing to the car, i feel it is also slightly justified and exactly what God has planned for me today.
i wasn't happy about not finished the laundry and not getting the bathroom all sparkly like i wanted, but now that i've taken some time to just sit, relax, read, and sip some coffee, i am beginning to see God's grace in it.
He knew that i wouldn't have taken this time to simply be still if i were at home being distracted by my "chores", so he took me out of that environment to one that is more conducive to me being able to sit still.

so what am i loving this week? what is making my life great in the midst of the mundane?
God's grace in many things...
rats in our yard (and possibly in our house?? eek!)
coffee, Bible study book, Bible, pen

did i mention the coffee was free?!? thanks to Panera's grand opening and my knight (remember him from earlier today??) i score a free cup that gets me free coffee for 2 weeks!

time to just be still...

what is making your life great this week?

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