Friday, July 29, 2011

too many green beans...

I never thought I would say those words!
I adore green beans, so when given the opportunity to pick fresh ones from a friend's garden, I jumped at it!
Over a week ago I picked one little bucket full of beans, some cucumbers, and some herbs. I finally got all the beans strung and frozen yesterday...right before heading out to pick more! (Did I mentioned I might be a little crazy about my beans?)

last week's treasures!

Mike went with me last night, and even though we were in a hurry and only had 30 minutes to pick, we cleared an entire row and got this huge bag full!!
I strung another bowl full last night, but haven't yet gotten around to doing anything with them.

Like I said, I froze the first batch in individual servings (well, enough for one dinner for Mike and I). Should I freeze these as well?
I'm giving some to a friend who is very eager to take them off my hands, but the ones that I've kept are just waiting patiently in the bowl on the counter to be cooked, eaten, frozen, or ????

One thing I love is supplementing our food budget with free veggies like these!! That's one of the best parts of summer!

Any helpful advice or tips for what to do with tons (and I mean tons) of green beans would be helpful! Recipes (other than just your typical green bean side dish) would be amazing as well! If all else fails, Little E will be eating green beans for the next 6 months! :)

Enjoy your weekend!!
With love,
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