Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back from break...

...or back for break is more like it!

Yesterday at around 2:00pm I officially began my Thanksgiving break from school! Now, a break isn't what it used to be considering I have a child now, but I am ever -so-thankful for a chance to relax just a little bit.

Let me just say that I have missed the blogging world so much over the past few months, but there simply is not enough time for me to do it all so blogging had to go. BUT I'm back for at least a week, then its crunch time with only 2 weeks until finals...AHH! :)

There is so much to catch up on, but here's what to look for in this space in the coming days...
  • A sneak peak at what I've been doing since break started
  • Ideas for holiday projects
  • A possible post on traditions
  • A guest post from my little sis over at CallGirl Designs
  • Possibly a WIWW post if I can remember to take pics
  • A sample from our family photo shoot a few weeks ago
  • and...hopefully some new items that are going to be featured in the shop this coming month!
So keep checking back to see what's new this week! I'm super pumped about getting back into this part of my life over the next few days!

Happy Thursday!


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