Thursday, November 17, 2011

coffee lovers gift

Can I get an "AMEN" or a "HipHipHooray" for coffee?!?

Honestly, I didn't used to like it, but after 6 months in Africa (with no French Vanilla coffee creamer...*gasp*!), a Starbucks manager for a hubby, and joining the motherhood club, I've become one of coffee's biggest fans!

I got a little board with the brown, recycled, cardboard sleeve they give you at the coffee shop, so I created some fun ones of my own! I still use the first one that I made on a regular basis, and now I've got my sister (yep...the one from the previous post) pretty hooked on hers as well.

Well, guess what! I've made some more to share!

Take a look at my shop for more!
Don't see one that strikes your fancy? I'm always up for a custom order, just comment here or email me!


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