Sunday, November 27, 2011

getting crafty

So...over my break I had a little bit of time on my hands (not much, mind you, but a little bit).
My sister had asked me make a few things for her friends for Christmas, so most of my crafting time was spent doing that. I did, however, get to do some things that were up to me! Here is a sneak peek at some things that I got to sew over break! I'd love to hear your comments!

These items will be going up in the shop soon too!

Coffee sleeves! These are very different than the ones I have already done, and I am super happy with them!
Wine bottle sleeve! Isn't it adorable?!? I made a few more, but have yet to get them photographed (not to mention this one is by far the cutest one, in my opinion).

So there you have it! I little peek into my crafty time this past week!

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