Friday, March 16, 2012

finally friday!

I don't know about you, but it has been another crazy, long week! I am definitely ready for the weekend! 
The weather has been gorgeous and should continue to be through the weekend, so I'm excited for the family time **OUTSIDE** that we will be able to have! 

So, a little bit about my week...

We house sat this week (for my mom). 
I LOVE her front big and perfect for morning coffee sipping.
This is my view of the sunrise on Wednesday morning--absolutely stunning!

While at Mom's, E found Aunt B's beads in her room! 

I also made pancakes! This, ladies, is rare. Typically the hubs does breakfast which consists of cereal or eggs. Wednesday I was feeling pretty good and decided to make a special breakfast for him.

First bike ride! Thanks Mawmaw for the amazing birthday present--a bike seat! 
Doesn't she look adorable in her helmet and shades?

I've been eyeing a peach-y/orange nail polish color on pinterest lately.
I stopped to pick up some ibuprofen (for a teething little girl) and happened upon the make-up section (how'd that happen?!?). 
The color I wanted was right there and to beat all..was only 99 cents!

While on campus on Tuesday I spent a few minutes between classes enjoying sunshine, bare feet, and 1000 Gifts. (By the way---I just finished it for my second time through. It was definitely just as good or better the second time).

The blanks for today haven't been posted yet @
BUT when they are, I promise to update this post and Fill Them In! The blanks are a favorite part of my Fridays. 

Happy Friday to YOU, deary.


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  1. Sounds like a busy, but good week ... The Fill-in-the-blank Fridays are one of my favourite blog posts too!

    Have fabulous weekend and hope your weather holds out. It's a grey day in London ... that's okay my back is to the window in my office so I can pretend the fluorescent lights above my head are sunshine:)


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