Saturday, March 17, 2012

weekend ramblings...

There is so much on my mind/heart this Saturday morning, but there is simply no way to reveal it all in this space at this time. Let me take a few minutes to give you a little peek into where my heart is heading.

This week I finished Ann Voskamp's book 1,000 Gifts for the second time.
I swear, it doesn't matter how many times I read it I am struck by something different every time I open the book. It is just that good. Not because of Ann, but because of what God has taught Ann.
I am challenged by her words every time I read them. 

What's more, I started reading a new book this week! (I'm on a roll people)! 

The Missional Mom by Helen Lee.
The Missional Mom
and it has been so eye-opening as well! 
I feel like it picks up right where 1,000 Gifts left off--communion with God.
Thanksgiving leads to intimate communion with the Giver of All Good and communion leads to living missionally. WOW! 
Okay, so maybe you aren't as surprised by these truths as I was, but I have been struck by these things over the last few days. 

How am I living, as a mother, wife, daughter, on mission for the gospel?
I'm excited to read further into this jewel of a book and see where He takes me through it. 

On another note, 
I've been contemplating and wondering about relationships lately. Is it just my phase of life (wife, mom, student, etc) that causes relationships to seem so surface or is it me? Or is it all of us women? 
You see
this is what I seem to have

while this is what I desperately want.
real. deep. connection. 

After discussing it with the Hubs last night (and over the course of this week), we've seemed to reach a conclusion that women have difficulty trusting and being real. 
When someone comes over to your house to you rush around the pick it up or leave the toys scattered on the floor? That is just a simple, silly example, but it reveals my heart. I want everything to look clean, nice, and in order when in reality that isn't how my life really is. Typically there are baby toys and laundry scattered throughout the apartment. Don't get me wrong, we should tidy up for our guests to make them feel like we care that they are coming, but we shouldn't make our homes so sterile that they are afraid to mess anything up! (Okay, I'm getting off of my soap box now). 

My point--what if we were honest with one another? 
What is we accepted one another--worts and all? 
What if we stopped thinking that our girl friends are in junior high and will make fun of us if we express our true selves/feelings/ideas/thoughts?

This is the gospel
Do any of you, whoever you may be, feel this way? Have you had these thoughts?
I keep thinking that I cannot possibly be the only woman out there thinking these things...can I? 

Please, take some time this weekend to reflect on relationships and share here with your comments! 
Any thoughts, feelings, tips you might have about relationships would be wonderful! 
Share them with us, PLEASE! :) 

As you ponder these things, may your weekend be blessed and may you see His gifts in every moment.


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  2. Hey Rachel! Just wanted to weigh in on your post today...because I have been there! After I had my first baby and she was about a year old, I decided that I needed friends and not only friends, but ladies who were in the same boat as me, with the same struggles and joys. So, I looked around with different eyes and started seeing faces with some of the same longings that I saw in my own heart. I sought out 4 girls from my church with littles and invited them over for some lunch while our kids played. We made it a weekly/bi-weekly event! But after killing myself to clean up and get ready for company about twice, I then decided to get real. I left my bed unmade. And instead of fixing something fancy, I pulled out the cans of tomato soup and threw some grilled cheese sammys in the pan. I apologized that things were not perfectly in order and then smiled and said, "but this is my life!" It was the best week of fellowship we had ever had and from then on, everyone really started to open up. We had some great discussions and touched on some pretty "real" and personal stuff. Our kids are older now and we don't meet very often, but the friendships and intimacy remain. I would encourage you to make the first move. Seek them out and be yourself. It will set them at ease about doing the same.

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, "This is the gospel. Relationship." I couldn't agree more, but I think so often we lose sight of that simple understanding. I also struggle with building strong/intimate friendships, but I don't feel like it's always been this way. Becoming a wife and mother have a way of drawing us in to our own worlds, I guess. Thanks for sharing your has given me something to think on!

  4. Rachel, As an "older woman" I have some of the kind of friends you are talking about. But, it took some time to develop those kinds of friendships. As Gina said, many hours of sharing our hearts and lives (with kiddies there playing together). Reach out, there are many other young women in the same situation as you. They will love you for making the first move. You have a lot to offer! luvu

  5. i have just a select few relationships such as these. i maintain keeping it real. not that i dont tidy up my life a little, but there are certain people that know me well enough to know that some days its like this, other days i am a little more in control of life.. same goes emotionally,spiritually, physically... none of that is ever perfect, and i usually dont try to pretend it is.. even to the people that dont know me all that well..i do the best i can, but if i cant make everything perfect, i cant...thats life, and thats probably life for every other person out there, yet some people still insist on representing themselves as something they are not..
    youre normal, human, and beautiful the way God made you...
    thats all that matters =)


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