Thursday, March 1, 2012

still here

For those you who are I didn't die, or fall off the face of the planet. I am still here, just so busy! When I get busy like this, my blog is the first thing to go. For that, I am sorry, but my family is most important, so focusing on the things I need to do for/with them takes priority in busy times!

Hopefully things will slow down a little next week and you will get to read a few posts about...

my newest decorating project (hint...painting a piece of furniture)

little E's birthday party (its this weekend...time flies!)

prep for my first craft show next weekend


So, be checking back in on us next week! Hopefully you will get more posts than you've gotten this week! Its a beautiful sunny day today so I'm planning to enjoy it by not attending my afternoon class (shh!) and spending time with my girl. Enjoy your day too, even if it isn't 100% sunshine and blue skies :)


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