Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Lately

Hey there! 
Today I am linking up with Life on Leroy for her Life Lately Link Up!

To be honest, life has been so hectic and crazy lately that few photos have been taken! With student teaching in full swing and approaching the end, fall holidays coming quickly, and normal housework I have been so swamped that I haven't had a chance to do much of anything other than the things that NEED done! 

Here's a small peek into the few things we have done for fun! 

The Capitol Market (basically a farmer's market, only better) has their
annual Great Pumpkin Party. E got to paint a pumpkin, blow bubbles, 
and get her face painted. She loved being a kitty--kept saying, 

Despite not having much time, we always find time for family walks (weather permitting). 
E is ready in her tights, tunic, jean jacket, and floppy hat--yes, she dresses better than her Mama :)

We've also carved pumpkins but those photos are on another memory card! This week is supposed to be trick or treat but the weather here is really cold, windy, and rainy because of the hurricane. There has been talk of cancelling or postponing trick or we'll see! 

Also, lately I have pondered ways to help my family earn a small amount of extra income without having to leave my little lady. Check out the "My Menu" tab at the top for more details on my newly designed menu planning services. 

Have a blessed Monday!



  1. E is so precious!! I know how hectic things can be! Hope you have a great Monday!


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