Friday, October 5, 2012

parades,baby showers and blanks

Happy Friday Chick-a-dees! 

I'm so excited for this weekend! 
Tonight we are taking Little E over to the next little town for their Homecoming Parade. Hubs took her to the one in our town and she loved it! Considering this place is small, the next town is just a 5 minute drive away so we decided to make that part of our weekly Friday Family Night. 

Tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for a friend of ours. I'm really looking forward to it (and to sharing all the photos with you). We're going for a vintage chic theme...we'll see how well we pull it off! 
After the shower we are taking a little road trip to ....
I know--its a long drive from here just for a one night stay, but our cousin and dear friend is here in the States after 2 years of being in Africa (we spent 6 months with them 2 years ago) and she's only here for a week! Do you think I'd let an opportunity slip by? Its a long drive but totally worth it! She gets to meet Little E for the first time! 
Busy weekend ahead--may we all enjoy each of our weekends to the fullest! 

Now, time for the blanks :)

1.  The last thing I ate was    apple pie and ice cream last night after dinner. We had some lovely friends over and she brought dessert!

2.  The last time I went to the beach was  way too long ago! Our actual beach vacation was in May, but we visited the beach once while in FL visiting Papa Call in June  .

3.  My last vacation was   May--the beach. June was a trip to see my dad and go to TGC Women's honestly wasn't much of a vacation.

4. The last place I drove was     home from picking up Little E after my day at school.

5. The last song I listened to was   whatever played on V100 last before I got out of the car .

6. The last thing I watched on TV was   NCIS--need I say more?

7.  The last time I said "I love you" was  last night when we crawled into bed .



  1. Happy Weekend!! I am visiting from the link up.

  2. I am so jealous of the last thing you ate! That sounds so delicious. I mean, it is early morning where I am at right now so it might not make the best breakfast in the world... but who isn't a fan of apple pie!?


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