Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Love...and yogurt

Hello Weekend! 
In celebration of the fact that today is Saturday, I wanted to share a little love with you!

Many of you commented on the homemade yogurt from Monday's post...well here ya! 
The recipe and my experience at your disposal! Have fun and enjoy...oh! And there's a special treat at the bottom of the post :)

My Little E would eat yogurt for all three meals a day and her snacks if I let her--that and cheese! 
Granted, she won't drink milk even if its chocolate, but she loves yogurt! I prefer to give her the organic stuff to avoid all the growth hormones and such, but that can get expensive! 

I followed this recipe to a "T" and it worked wonderfully! 
In my opinion, you definitely need to strain the yogurt at the end of the cooking process. It's entirely too runny if you don't (especially if you're giving it to a toddler).

You can see, I used organic milk and plain organic yogurt as my starter. I honestly wanted to make it with whole milk, but the grocery store was completely out of organic whole milk when I went, so I just went with the 2%. It still turned out nicely. 
I did follow the recipe and put some honey and vanilla extract in it--made it have a really nice flavor. My girly LOVES it! 

Many people have asked if it was hard--No. It was super simple, but pretty time consuming. Not time consuming in a hands-on way, but you have to let it cook for a few hours, and then let it sit for several hours, mix stuff in, and let it sit over night (around 12 hours). So, its best to make on a day you're planning to be home for a while.

I've also heard this question: How much did it make? 
Well, I used 1/2 gallon of milk, so it basically made that much. I was able to fill up a 32oz container and more than half of an 18oz container (that will be my starter next time). 

If you've been thinking of making yogurt but worried that you can't do it, don't can! Its really simple! If you have a crock pot and some time you have all it takes! 

Now for a special little treat to give you a laugh this weekend.
Tsh from SimpleMom shared this on her Face Book yesterday and I love it! 

Video of Two Men Experiencing Labor Contractions
Watch This Hilarious Video Of Men Experiencing Childbirth

And, YES, I think your husband/fiance/boyfriend should watch too!

Happy Weekending!

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