Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Wendy" Wednesday

Yesterday was gorgeous!

We played outside for almost 3 hours in the afternoon! My girl didn't even want to go in for a snack, so we took the snack outside! We enjoyed every second of the 70+ degrees and blue, sunny skies! Totally not typical for January here! 

But it didn't last long! Today we woke up for 70 degrees and the sunshine turned to clouds rapidly.
A pretty big storm just moved through the area and we are under a tornado watch until later this afternoon. The wind is blustery!! Any of you ever seen Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day? We had it on VHS when I was kid--reminds me of today!

We, however, are so thankful for the time spent outside yesterday--especially considering Friday its supposed to be 24 degrees!In my opinion, "Mother Nature" is crazy!

Yesterday afternoon my niece came over and played with Little E for a while. That gave me some time to get a few things done--hooray! 
One of my tasks was to make granola. I've been wanting to for a week now, and finally got around to it (having a toddler and being pregnant wears you out--so free time is taken up by napping/resting...not chores).
This was stove top granola--my first attempt and it was super simple and quick! Here's the thing, I will need to double the recipe next time! I made it last night and after this mornings breakfast (Hubs, E, and myself) its basically gone! Seriously! Its delish!
Here is the recipe! Enjoy!! 

Just a little announcement--my sister, her friend, and I will be co-hosting a link up in the next few weeks. More details to come soon, but it'll be mainly for you book worms or aspiring book worms! So, be prepared! 

Enjoy your last Wednesday of January! 


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