Friday, January 25, 2013

...Waiting for Snow...

That's what we're doing today! 
They say (whoever "they" is) that we are going to get anywhere from 1-5 inches of snow today. I'll believe it when I see it. We don't typically see as much snow as they do in the mountains (only 60ish miles from here). Usually, we get a little dusting. I can honestly say that we haven't had a "big snow" since the winter we went to Uganda--so we missed it! Oh goes on...obviously. 

Honestly, part of me is pretty excited to get snow. I mean, its an exciting thought...and much better than a cold rain! The other part of me is SO ready for Spring! Life spent indoors with a toddler can be a bit much. I'm ready to get outside and let her run her little self until she's exhausted--and E is a busy little lady so it would take her a while! 

The little bit of snow we got in a freak snowstorm in October. Not a whole lot, but
enough to knock power out for a day and cancel school for 2 days.

I'm still trying to decide what we're going to do today. They say its supposed to start snowing at 8:00 am--its 8:16 according to my computer clock and I haven't seen a single flake. But, when it does start, its supposed to get slick real quick--so do I venture out to Target in hopes that the roads stay okay or do I simply stay put waiting on what may (or may not) happen. And if we stay home, what in heaven's  name are we going to do? Honestly people, we've been home all week because its been all of 19* outside and I hate going out in the cold. Other than a library and grocery store run, we've basically been at home. Our activity list is getting really short...
Here are some of my ideas.
1. Watch Elmo for the 15th time this week
2. Color/Paint for the 3rd time this week
3. Make cookies (or something!)
4. Make and play with homemade play dough
5. ????

See. I'm running low on ideas!

What would you do if you were home today with my busy toddler? 
Tips much appreciated! 



  1. Do you have the supplies to start making Valentines? That could be fun!

  2. Make cookies! And bring me and Brinkley some :)

  3. I would build a fire and cuddle that little ladybug and eat chocolate!! xoxo


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