Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bolsa boutique

Since the blog has taken on a different direction, I am also taking a more pointed direction in the shop!

Welcome to Bolsa Boutique!
Helping you carry life's accessories in style!

Bolsa is the Spanish word for pouch/small bag & at Bolsa Boutique that is what you will find! Most recently I have made a few Kindle Cases, as well as a pacifier pouch that hooks on to just about anything (bag, purse, belt loop, etc). The burp cloths are still up (even though they aren't pouches or bags of any time) because I still have them, and hopefully someone wants/needs them :)

Since this is the GRAND OPENING or the LAUNCH of this new and improved shop, I will give a coupon code for 10% off any item to anyone who comments on this post telling which item is their favorite! But, you have to hurry, the code will only last this week (through Friday).



  1. Hi Rachel- Just wanted to let you know that your hyper link isn't working :(

  2. okay--should be working now! Thanks for the tip!!


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