Thursday, July 14, 2011

two "new" pieces

There are several (no, many) things I have been wanting to do to make our apartment feel more like ours! I am finally (4 months after Eliyah's birth) getting around to doing some of those things. Just thought I would share the newest additions to our place--although the pieces themselves are rather old.

The first is an old jelly jar cabinet that we purchased at a yard sale a few weeks back. Actually, we weren't even planning to go to any yard sales, but we were staying at my mother-in-law's house while she was away and took our dog for a walk on Saturday morning. We came across this sale that looked great, so we hurried Zoe back to the house so we could go to the sale. The first thing I saw was an old, dirty, white jelly jar cabinet that I fell in love with. It doesn't usually happen like this, but I could just see the potential it had! We talked to the man about it and he sold it to us for $20! It has only taken me about a month, but I finally got it painted the way I wanted it!

The color is from Lowe's (I purchased the sample can for $2.94 and I still have some left over)--it is Green Supreme, but its more like an aqua, a very light aqua. The chalk board paint was left over from another project. So the total cost of this new-to-me piece was roughly $23! Not to shabby, and it provides a ton of extra storage that I need so much in this tiny place!

The second piece is not quite finished, but its basically there. I still need to paint the legs...and will get around to it sometime in the near future ;)

This is my "new" coffee table! I bought it last summer at a yard sale for $10. It was plain wood and had lots of rings on it, as well as some paper stuck to it--don't ask I have no idea how that happened! Anyway, I was getting really tired of looking at it, so I picked up a second can of paint while I was at Lowe's--"Brisk Olive" and I love it! It matched the roman shades in this room almost exactly! I painted it and then took a dark stain we already had in the cabinet from a different project and "antiqued" it. I absolutely adore it!
You can see the coasters that I made in one of the photos. I decided that I didn't want any rings forming on my "new" table, so I sewed up some fabric coasters using material from an old pillow case. I only have 2 right now, but I'm working on making more (it is hard when you don't have your sewing machine at your house)! I feel like the coasters add a nice cottage-y touch!

It really is amazing what a few coats of paint can do! I absolutely LOVE my new pieces and feel like I am becoming more at home with this apartment. I told Michael last night that the dining room (where the jelly jar cabinet is) is easily becoming my favorite room in the house!

My next project is working on some things for our bedroom--the walls are really bare in there! I have some things in the works for art work and such.

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