Friday, July 1, 2011

cloth baby wipes

Cloth diapers...when I decided to do cloth diapers on Little E many people were skeptical (to say the least). Let me just say- Cloth diapers aren't what they were when our grandmothers or mothers used them! They are so easy to use, and save tons of money--and land fill space. I am planning to do a post on just how cost effective cloth diapers are next week. So keep your eyes peeled! :)

Along with cloth diapers I wanted to use cloth wipes. They have also been wonderful money saving little things! I do not use cloth wipes when we are out and about, but when we are at home that is all I use!

You can purchase cloth wipes from the same companies that make cloth diapers, but I made my own for a very low cost! I believe there is another post about them on this site somewhere.

So here are my wipes. They are 4X8" and they work great for my baby. Some people prefer them to be 8X8". It is really up to you! I will just take out a wipe and spray it 2-3 times with the wipe solution (that I made) and voila! Wipe away! I have 15 wipes, but they are never all dirty at the same time. Part of that is because I wash diapers/wipes on a daily basis.

I am going to put these up on my etsy shop and they will be available this weekend! AND just for you (my faithful readers) you can get free shipping on a set of 10 wipes by using the coupon code WIPES. The coupon will expire on Tuesday!

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