Saturday, September 28, 2013

celebrating in chicago

A couple of weeks ago we loaded up a borrowed mini van with four adults and three children (all under 3) and headed off for a weekend of birthday celebrating in Chicago! 

The Hubs turned 30 and we hadn't been to explore and savor Chicago since he turned 25, so we decided it was as good of a time as any. Our friends had never been to Chicago and they came along for the grand tour. In case you're wondering, Hubs spent 3 glorious years studying at Moody Bible Institute in downtown Chicago. Not to sound cheesy or anything, but that's where we fell in love :) 

We were both super excited to go back and revisit places that hold sweet memories for us and to share that experience with some wonderful friends and our children. 

We had a wonderful time just walking around the city, meeting up with old friends of ours, enjoying some amazing food (read Giordano's and Portillo's).

She REALLY enjoyed all that cheese! 

Little Friends and forward rolls
Big friends catching up
Baby G-man just chillin' out at Millennium Park
Saturday evening, after a full day in the city, we went to a White Sox game just to see them lose. Oh well, we still have fun! 

The rest of the time we spent relaxing and shopping. Our friends had never been to IKEA (shocking, I know), so we introduced them. The kids swam a little at the hotel pool, as well. 

Overall, it was an amazing and exhausting weekend! Traveling in the car for 9 hours with three children isn't exactly relaxing...dragging those same children (one who nurses every few hours) around the city is definitely not relaxing. However, it was totally worth the exhaustion! We had a blast!

I think this was a birthday celebration that will live in our memories for a while...I'd say "forever" but what if we start losing it and can't remember anything in our old age? Then, I'd be lying. So, let's just say we will remember it as long as we can! :)

two places that are precious in our memories from our date-ship days. 
HoJo's (aka Howard Johnson's).  Anytime Hubs would pick me up from the air port during our dating days (we were long distance) he'd take me there for breakfast. My flight was always a 6:00am which meant I was in Chi-town by 7:00am central time. It looks run down...mostly because it kind of is...but it was the cute little diner experience we loved and the waitress named "Flo" (no joke).  So Howard Johnson had a different meaning for wasn't a motel, it was a diner.

The flower shop on La Salle is where he picked up beautiful flowers for me on the night of his Junior/Senior banquet, a formal event and the flowers were stunning! Don't you just love the sign too? Precious. 

 Its hard to believe all that fun happened two weeks ago! 
We adore the city of Chicago. Honestly, we dream of living there...even with kids. Crazy, I know, but we aren't afraid to admit our craziness. Who knows, maybe one day God will grant that desire for us. Until then, we will enjoy it when we can and celebrate all the wonderful memories God gave us there. 


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