Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Fun

Happy Sunday! 

Did you know that it is National Coffee Day?!?
Pretty sure there are some great offers out there for free coffee today! Starbucks is offering samples of their newest roast. Either way, let's celebrate this day! In my coffee-loving opinion, its a wonderful day! 

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! Here are some of the posts that I have found to be the most encouraging thing week! 

May you enjoy them as well!

Also, I am planning to join The Nester for the 31 days in October challenge. 
Basically, the challenge is to blog every day in October. Doesn't have to be long...just something! 
I'll be revealing my 31 days topic soon and I'm really excited about the possibilities of this challenge! 

Enjoy the remaining time in your weekend. 
Get rested up for the week ahead! 
Have an amazing Sunday! 


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