Friday, September 27, 2013


Welcome to another week of Insta-Friday pics! 

Baby G's dedication at church was on Sunday. He needed something "fancy" to wear, and you know, boys are just hard that way. You can't put a lovely dress on them or even a big, fluffy hair bow. So, G-man got a bow tie. I decided to make him one last Friday and it turned out so cute! 

Saturday was a football day! Our little football fell fast asleep :)

Growing up, I never had a typical s'more. 

My mom wasn't a fan of marshmallows, and in turn, neither were we. When we needed a treat and there weren't any oreos in the house (rare, folks...rare) she would make us our own version of s'mores. 

Basically, graham cracker spread with peanut butter and topped with chocolate chips. Put in the oven until gooey. Delish! Its not a wonder that I have an obsession with anything chocolate and peanut butter!

E's third week of ballet was this week! 
She loves it! 
Look at that look of excitement.

Lunch picnic on the porch!

The weather has been gorgeous this week, so we've enjoyed being outside a lot! 
This day in particular, we spent almost 2 hours at the park down the street. So fun!

So thankful that today is Friday. We've started having "fun friday" each week. Basically, we do something fun each friday. Its really easy for me to get caught up in the daily chores and not put much else in our schedule. Having "fun friday" helps me think of something that would be really fun for Little E to do with me on Fridays! Not really sure what today holds yet, but most likely something outside...its just too beautiful to not be out.

Linking up with life.rearranged again this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Your kids are so cute. And, that snack looks yummy. My kids love s'mores, but I might have to try this for them sometime. Have a great weekend.


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