Friday, September 13, 2013


Happy Friday! 
Time for another Insta-Friday where I upload my phone pics from the week!
Ready or not...

Nap time on Tuesday.
Hanging with Baby G while Little E slept.
Painting nails 
You've Got Mail

My babes...caught this early one morning after G had a hard night and ended up in our room.

Smoothies and mustache straws
Need I say more?

First day of ballet.
Too bad you can't see the cowboy boots (or "cow boots")
that she decided to wear with her leo/skirt. Too cute.
(Don't worry...she changed to her ballet shoes when we got there)

Dinner with Grandpa...
and a cupcake.
Because what Grandpa can say, "No" when such a 
cute 2-year-old asks for one? 
Not this Grandpa :)

Homemade pumpkin spice latte

Dress up and dancing

My new book finally came. 
Excited to read this.
The cool part? The author is from WV...not everyday you find someone from WV writing a fairly well-known blog and publishing a reformed, Christian book. 

Heading off to Chicago this morning to celebrate The Hubs' 30th with our good friends! 
Chicago is where we fell in love. Going back there always reminds me of why we fell in love and those things about our early relationship that made me want to marry this special guy! Oh yes, and Chi-town is where I learned to love, thanks Chicago and I will be partaking while we are there (just once...or twice...)

May your weekend be blessed.


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