Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beauty in the Mess

It is Sunday afternoon and I am sitting at Panera alone. 
Yes. You read that correctly. 

The Hubs gave me a couple of hours this afternoon to get away from the house and enjoy a little bit of quiet time. To be honest, I have desperately been needing time like this. Its been months since our life has allowed this kind of time for me to sit and think, study, journal, etc. I wish I had more of this kind of time, but the season we are in does not allow for it. 

Sometimes, I desperately wish I could just live in a coffee shop...
the low jazzy music, dim lighting, smells of coffee and fresh baked goodies, and time with just a couple of books, the Ipad, and myself. 
Yes. That'd be wonderful. 
But that isn't real life. 

In a season of having littles it is easy for me to grow frustrated with the lack of time to myself. The lack of quiet in my house. The lack of organization and cleanliness of my house. The lack of time to really talk with my husbands (or anyone else for that matter). The lack of true rest and sleep. But, the Hubs lovingly rebuked me this week...and for that, I am thankful. 

I have been so selfish in those desires for an "easier" season of life. Shouldn't I expect the daily happenings of my life (like diaper changes, spit-up, accidents, boo-boos, loss of shoes and other peices of clothing, the time it takes to buckle and unbuckle car seats, etc)? Yes. I should expect them, but somehow I get frustrated when they happen. 

Really, its all about perspective. That's what the Hubs said earlier this week...and he is right! 
If my perspective is one that says, "This is what God has blessed me with for a season" rather than one that simply says, "I'd rather have something else" then wouldn't life be more joyful? Easier? More fun?

Girls, my life isn't bad. Its actually really great! Sometimes its just hard for me to see that because I'm staring at and focusing on the hard parts. Rather than seeing the beauty, I see the mess. So, I'm on a mission over these next few weeks to see more of the beauty and less of the mess. 

I am going to be documenting the beauty in my life here on a weekly basis through photos that I take throughout my week. The goal is to take photos with my actual camera--not my phone. This ensures that I slow down enough to actually find my camera, turn it on, and snap a photo. It doesn't seem like much, but in all the running around and caring for Hubs, E & G, house, and others it takes effort for me to break out the camera! 

I'm also continuing in the JoyDare with Ann Voskamp (I've made it further this time than any of my other attempts) as I seek to find joy in daily life. 

Is this season a difficult one for you? Or are you fully enjoying the time you have? Either way, I invite you to join me in asking God to change your see the beauty in take time to thank Him for that beauty, those little grace share it with others. 

As you begin a new week, may God grant you new perspective. May you look around, above, over, under, beside, the mess and find the beauty in life. I promise, if you look hard enough, you'll find it.


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