Friday, March 28, 2014


I'm at it again this week! Linking up with life.rearranged for insta-friday! 
these are some of my instagram photos from the week. 
I'm ervinlady on instagram if you want to follow along all the time :)

park play-date last Friday
such a beautiful sunny day!
after the park we made a target run where I grabbed a latte on 
the way out the door.
this was how I spent nap time.
game of Settlers of Catan with our neighbors on Friday night!
lunch with my sister on Sunday
she gave Little E her birthday gift.
its too funny to see such a little thing with hair that long!
this jewel of a book came this week.
seriously, girls, its challenging me on every page! 
I basically highlighted the entire third chapter.
"When we relegate our fellowship with other women to discussions
of fleeting things and avoid talking about how eternity is pressing on our heart,
we're not doing ourselves or our friends any favors."
teething necklaces!
a couple of these are up in the shop already
but I am planning a bigger "launch" of my new shop next week!
stay tuned!
yesterday's yogurt catastrophe!
I left him alone with some puffs for a few minutes...
came back and he had somehow reached his yogurt bowl and
dumped it everywhere trying to get a bite. 
got him cleaned up and while he was still sitting in the bathtub, he pooped everywhere.
seriously, G-man! I guess that's just a boy for ya!

It's a rainy Friday here, but we aren't going to let that keep us from enjoying it! 
Its a cleaning day with a little fun throughout! 

Hope you enjoy your Friday and your weekend!



  1. Ooo, those necklaces look awesome. What a fun week!

    Stopping by from insta-friday!

  2. You are the second person who has received that book -- Treasuring Christ when your hands are full. I am going to have to check it out!


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