Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Panera, Rapunzel, and Aunt B

This weekend was a full one for us. Saturday was filled with visiting, birthday parties, and a going-away party. Sunday the Hubs preached at a small church a few hours from us. My younger sister lives fairly close so she met up with us for lunch.
E's birthday was earlier this month and Aunt B didn't get to make it in town for the party...so she brought her gift along. And, boy, was E every thrilled!

a pink feather boa for playing dress up.
she liked it, but not near as much as she liked...

her Rapunzel wig! 
It looks really smooth and beautiful here, but she took the braid out and now its really tangled. Anyone know a good trick for getting it un-tangled? I've heard condition or fabric softener mixed with water...we'll see!

Not sure what was so upsetting, but he really does love his Aunt B! :) 

Sunday was a fun day! We loved visiting with Aunt B and Kevin. 
E adored her gift and wants to wear her hair everywhere! 

We love you Aunt B
We need more time with you...and maybe a girls day (sorry Kevin).


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