Thursday, April 3, 2014

finding beauty--week 3

I'm doing my typical Thursday "finding beauty" post at the end of the day...and honestly its kind of ironic.
Today hasn't been an easy day here. Difficult children, lots of crying, discipline issues, overtime for Hubs all week, and refusals to nap. To be honest, I'm not really "in the mood" to write this post, but its good for my soul to look back on the beauty that has littered my week even though today has not felt at all beautiful. 

breakfast shenanigans 

post eruption in the living room :)

my little plants are taking off! so much so that I am running out of pots to put my little seedlings in!

napping+sunshine= THE.LIFE.


E was terrified of our little turtle friend.

she wanted to "dig

this is what this corner of the kitchen looks like during/after a typical day.

little flowers soaking up sun

painting on the porch
thank goodness its finally warm. it makes messy activities seem much more do-able!


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