Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Wednesdays are fun around here because...
it means another edition of 


And, let's just be honest.
I've been somewhat of a slacker this week when it came to taking photos! 
I really did get dressed more than one day this week, but I didn't remember to take a picture before changing into my PJ's.

Thursday-- mentor meeting and a couple of errands
Coral skinnies--Gabe's
White nursing tank--Target (several years ago)
Denim button-up-- Forever 21
Necklace-- American Eagle (years ago)

You like my little photo bomber? 
I wanted her to be in the photo with me, but she obviously wasn't having that. 
She was dressed to the nines that day as well -- tutu, leggings, and pink boots w/fringe! 
Yep. She was fancy!

Maybe this week I'll get a couple more photos, but to be honest, we've been doing a lot of little projects (painting, etc) and playing outside in the beautiful sunny weather so I have mostly been wearing jeans and tees. 



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  2. That denim shirt looks cute on you! The Gabe's up here is getting a makeover so I may hit them up for some new skinny jeans. I want a mustard color pair, so keep your eyese peeled!


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