Friday, April 25, 2014


It's Friday...Friday...Friday!
(come on, you know you want to cheer with me!)

So here I am with another week of Instagram photos
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my girl's outfit last Friday.
do I even need to let you know that
she insisted on the leg warmers?

park day with friends!

last weekend we attended a murder mystery dinner party.
talk about fun! 
it was a circus theme (last year's was 1920's theme) and Hubs was a trapeze artists while I was an acrobat. He didn't like the costume I made him (gold crushed velvet haram pants, super tight tank, gold sequin belt) but in the end he won the vote for the best costume! 
we had so much fun! 
E loved our costumes. When I came out with my leotard, skirt, headpiece, and make up on she said, "Oh Momma! You look beautiful!" I think it was the glitter around my eyes ;)

you know, just chillin' at Panera

yesterday's Elephant Lunch
each year when the circus come to town, the mall in our city
puts on the Elephant Lunch where you can come and watch 
the elephants eat. Its pretty cool really...and its a fun free things to do!

my little clown

3 ingredient cookies.
honestly guys, they're pretty good.
check out my pinterest board for a link to the recipe

There you have it!
A sneak peek into my week via my IG photos!

Happy Weekending!


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