Friday, April 4, 2014

insta friday!

Another week has come and gone. 
You know what that means. 
It's Insta-Friday! 
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playtime on the porch

we spent a lot of time outside this week!

curried chickpeas for dinner!


target fun
honestly, I hate these shopping carts...just too big.
but E loves them and it was kind of nice to have her in a seat she enjoyed rather than
fighting her standing in the back of the regular shopping cart.

lunch outside!

monday night I noticed G-man had a hole in his sock...and his big toe was sticking out...
Hubs had the same issue that night! weird! 
my thing is, how exactly does this happen with a baby who can't walk or crawl yet?

spring decor 
getting crafty :)

monday morning consisted of coffee and etsy listings!

pulling up already! 
love those big blue eyes!

sunday snuggles

ballet class

May your Friday be blessed, friends!

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