Friday, February 10, 2012

bakeries and daughter dates :)

I don't know about where you live, but I have gotten spoiled over the past week.
Our weather has been absolutely a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
(that is until yesterday, when winter decided it wanted to make an appearance). 
Little E and I have taken advantage of the beautiful sunshine & warmer temps this week.
Here are some photos of our week. 
(sorry some are so blurry...these are from my phone and apparently they reduced in size when I was transferring them making the larger version rather blurry...hope you can get the idea though).

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 Scenes like this make me love our little city. 
We took a walk along the river on a sunny day...Monday I think. She slept :) 

 This sight--towels hanging in the sun to dry--just made me smile. 
Hopefully the people who live here didn't see this crazy lady taking a photo of their laundry, but I just HAD to!

Last Saturday we celebrated my Granny's 75th birthday.
If you know our family, you know that we can't have a birthday (or wedding for that matter)
without a cake from Spring Hill Bakery. 
E and I drove by and decided to pick up the cake for my mom (since it was on our way) and I swear, heaven will smell like a bakery--I just know it!
Little E's face was priceless when we walked in. Her eyes were so big and her mouth just dropped open. Yep, she's definitely my daughter :)

The women in our family have an obsession when it comes to Spring Hill's hotdog pastries (chocolate drizzle ones of course). Little E seems to be no exception.
The ladies in there were so sweet too! They carried the cake to my car for me since it would have been hard carrying that and Little E. They also offered E a free doughnut hole, but since we think she may have a dairy allergy we had to politely decline--although I know she would have adored it...who wouldn't?!?

So this picture is really for my mom. See, my dad is a huge sports fan. Football mainly, but basketball and baseball too. When the Reds built their new stadium, my dad and his friend cut their old seats out of the old stadium and they are still sitting in the garage at my parent's house. 
We were on a walk through a nearby neighborhood and saw this. It seems they also got some stadium seats. Only difference is they are displaying theirs for everyone to see rather than hiding them in the garage. Mom--maybe you need to put yours in your front yard ;)

Tuesday was a blessed day. I got to campus to find out that all of my classes were cancelled! Instead of picking E up at 3:30, I was able to get her at noon. We took advantage of the sunshine and went to the park for a bit. At first she didn't like the swing, but when she got going, she loved it. 
I loved it! 
This week we did so many fun things together. Partly because she is growing up and able to do more, and partly because it was so nice and warm out. I'm excited for what summer will hold for us! 
Weatherman is forecasting snow for today and tomorrow so we will be inside most of the time. The hubs is playing in a church basketball tournament tonight and tomorrow and we are ready to cheer him on! 

Oh! I just signed up for my first craft show! It is next month and I am super excited about it. I am really hoping that my etsy shop will benefit from some local exposure. Sewing/crafting with a wee one is a little difficult, but I'm hoping to make it work. If you haven't, check out my etsy shop (there's a link under the tab at the top of the page). I'd love some input from those of you who are pro-crafters :)

Blessings on your Friday!


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