Friday, February 3, 2012

week in photos

You are going to be SO proud of me! If you recall, last week I was completely lazy busy and did not even bother taking a single photo with my phone to share with you all! This week was different! I took so many photos this week (with my phone and my camera) that is don't even know where to begin!

life rearranged

Let's start with my phone pics for the Insta-Friday link up, shall we?
 Bedtime snuggles with me girl

Family movie night this week was the Winnie the Pooh movie--I have to admit that Little E didn't even watch it, but its okay for us adults to be kinds every now and then.
The movie was super cute and recommended by my sister

 The weather has been so beautiful here this week! I couldn't resist taking a picture of my shadow
on this beautiful sunny day while I was walking to my next class. 

 Monday I went to a local antique mall with my friend Elizabeth and her little girl.
There were SO many little treasure's a little peek :)

 Valentine's Day mantle decoration

Recycling day! I have been taking our recycling to the center one day a week. Actually I could probably do it more as it seems to get out of hand quickly. The hubs helped me on Wednesday morning and we got it all loaded in the car and dropped off!

I'm also linking up with Life on Leroy for a "week in photos" post! 
Would you join me? This is Alli's first linky party--so let's make it a hit! :)

You've already gotten the basic gist of my week, but here's some more details.
This is about how our mornings go.
Coffee, Bible reading, journal-ing, and Hubs' studying for class.

There he is!
That handsome man of mine working hard on his academy class.

Monday I made bread (I usually do about once a week)

It was delicious and I ate about half the loaf all by myself :)

These two photos are simply a sneak peek into a future post. I can't go into any details right now,
but let's just say I've been working on a Valentine for someone very special. ;)

I've already told you about our beautiful weather. 
I love seeing the sunshine streaming in my windows in the afternoon.

Monday's antique mall finds! 
I got the green table cloth and 4 napkins for $7.50,
the orangey napkins were 4 for 50cents! 
Talk about a deal!

I love pitchers...this one was only $3 at the antique mall and I simply couldn't resist!

Our recycling center! I only photographed the entrance because the rest of the place
is unsightly! I guess that's what I should expect with people's garbage that is being recycled all over the place.

Wow! That was a ton of pictures in just one post!
Hope you enjoyed it! 
I'm also hoping to link up at The Little Things We Do
for a fun fill-in-the-blank post! Check back later for that one :) 

Happy Friday!



  1. awww, thanks so much for linking up! You're too sweet. It's scary having a link up party because you never know if anyone will link up :) Also, I have a thing for pitchers too - LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage ones!

  2. Found you through Follow Friday. New follower! Have a great weekend!!

  3. what darling finds at your antique store! i could stare at those all day.

    oooh, curious about your v-day craft!

  4. Love antique and thrift stores. Awesome pitcher! Looks like a fun week.


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