Friday, February 17, 2012

let the weekend begin...

I love beginning my weekend by reflecting over the last week
with my phone photos--Insta Friday! :)

 Last Saturday was really nice. Michael gave me a little bit of time in the morning
to be alone, so I went (in the snow) to a local coffee shop/bookstore and got an Almond Milk latte.
One morning driving to campus the sun was coming up over the hills...
it was beautiful and I really tried to capture it, but my dirty windshield didn't help things. :)

Happy Valentine's Day! 
My man knows me so well! 
I finished my last Sudoku book a while back and have been really wanting another one! 
Our tiny Valentine celebrating her first Valentine's Day :)

Valentine flowers
Pink Tulips for Mama
a minuet bouquet for Little E
all from Papa--Thank you Papa! 
They are beautiful, still, after 3 days! 

Tea light holders that I made for Little E's party. 
Baby food jars re-purposed with a  little help from tissue paper, modge podge,
doilies, and yarn. 

Now its time to Fill in the Blank! 

1.  The love of my life is   Jesus and Michael James.

2.   Falling in love is   an amazing journey. I still look back at our date-ship period with awe and wonder. It was such a fun and exciting season of life.

3.  Marriage is   hard, but fun and worth every ounce of effort. There are times when its easy, but there are hard spells too. 

4. The longest relationship I've ever had was  this one! almost 4 years married and a little over a year of date-ship/engagement period. That's practically 5 years of my life...WOW!

5. The key to a good relationship is  deep connection and communication. Serving each other is key too.

6. I feel loved when   someone (usually the hubs) helps with things around the house. It can be as simple as changing a diaper after I've been home all day changing them! Or making breakfast and coffee so that I can get moving! :)

7.  My favorite quote about love is  "Falling in love again isn't so much about communicating better, but about connecting deeper" Ann Voskamp's blog from a few days ago.



  1. Happy Friday Rachel! Great pics - looks like a rewarding week ...

    Love your fill-in-the-blanks too!

  2. Help round the house makes me feel loved to - I seem to spend most of the weekend doing laundry and so when the hubby helps it makes me feel better.

  3. A little help always makes me feel loved too!

    Have a great weekend! :)


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