Saturday, February 11, 2012

snowy saturday

add snow falling outside and you'll have my morning. 

The hubs graciously has given me a few hours this morning at a local coffee shop where I am enjoying
1. an almond milk vanilla latte
2. soft music
3. along time

#3 is definitely the most needed. 
I've had a busy week with a busy little girl (by busy I mean into everything). It has been exhausting and I needed time to regroup and relax. So, a big THANK YOU to my hubby for giving me some time for that this morning. 

Reading 1,000 Gifts while sipping my  latte. I'm on my second trip through this book and it only gets better! 

My you recognize the gifts in your every moment. 




  1. Sounds like absolute bliss, Rachel!

    Another almond milk fan ... I've never tried it, but am eager to give it a go ... does it make the coffee taste like almonds?

    Sorry, strange question ...

  2. Found you at Hollie's #FF. Love your blog!!

    New Follower


  3. Almond milk latte? I have never had one of those before - they sound amazing though! I want to try!

    Just dropping by from #FF!


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