Wednesday, July 2, 2014

1 year ago...

6:00 this morning was just like any other day.
Baby G-man woke to nurse, the same as he does every day.
But today was different. 

As I gazed down at the babe in my arms and nursed him, my mind couldn't help but go back to this exact day and time a year ago when I first held, nursed, and looked upon this little guy. 

How can time pass so quickly without one even knowing it? 

I guess it comes with the busy-ness of life and we get so caught up in the daily living that we aren't aware of time's passing until we hit a milestone to remind us. Isn't that so gracious of God
To give us milestones so we can stop, reflect, look up from the chaos of life around us and really soak in the life we are living? 

My heart is full as I reflect on this last year. G-man's birth was exciting (to say the least), and his life has been so much fun. He brings so much joy to our family. He is so full of life and laughter that its practically contagious! And that smile...oh! That smile that makes his beautiful blue eyes sparkle can brighten any day and lift the lowest spirits. 

He truly is (as his middle name suggests) a gift from God! 

I have so many hopes, dreams, and prayers for this baby-man that I can't begin to articulate them all. Most importantly, I pray that he will be drawn by God's Spirit to know, love, and serve Christ. That (as his name suggests) he will be a great warrior for Jesus...a warrior empowered by the Holy Spirit. As a momma, I am excited to see where God takes G-man on his journey because I know that my plans and prayers are tiny compared to the huge things God has planned for him...I can't even fathom! 

As we celebrate your birthday G-man, know that you are precious, you are loved, you are special, you are YOU! And we love you deeply...but He loves you more deeply than any of us can even begin to imagine! 

I love you, baby boy! 


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