Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Reading

Summer Reading...
the sound of that is kind of nostalgic to me. 
Like this romanticized thing where you sit and devour books upon books while sipping a cool drink on your porch or something fruity with an umbrella in it by the pool. 

Does that ever happen in real life? 
Not here! I really want to read, but there are a few things that keep me from it. 

1. Time. Life with littles requires so much time just to basically survive that reading is most definitely a luxury (right up there with "going to the bathroom alone", "eating chocolate without having to share" and "taking a hot shower without being interrupted"). 

2. Options. There are just too many of them! I like reading Christian-non-fiction that challenges my heart, but I can't just read that. It becomes overwhelming and my brain needs "chill" time. So, I figure I should read some fiction...and then I'm even more overwhelmed! How do you know where to start? 

Problem #2 has been remedied (partially) after listening to the most recent Art Of Simple Podcast
Tsh and Modern Mrs Darcy chat about books and MMD's summer reading list. I thought a few of the books they mentioned sounded great so I put them on hold at the library. Actually...there were probably about 5 that I put on hold!! I'm really excited about reading something new and different. 

I want to share the things I am reading with you over the next few months. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to read something that is new and different for you too!! 

So, I just finished up The Nesting Place.

rocked. my. world.
I wrote a post on it here.

Seriously, its inspirational in ways I can't explain...at least it was for me anyway! Some of you decorating goo-roos out there might find it silly, but it was about so.much.more than decorating. It made me think about my heart and challenged me to push myself in creative ways and in ways of the heart (contentment, living in the present, thankfulness, etc). Its a beautiful book. It will be one of those that I go back to time and time again. 

Now, I am starting a little fiction kick! 
The Rosie Project.


Just picked it up yesterday and its hilarious. Easy read. Short chapters. Feels like I am flying through it. That's the kind of book this momma needs! Great for bedtime reading as it doesn't get me too uptight or too into another world (reading The Hunger Games aloud with Hubs before bed was probably a horrible decision...but it was fun at the time).

I'm also working to finish up 
Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full.
Its taking longer than expected because I decided to go through the study questions that go with it. 
Talk about challenging! I'll give you a better review once its completely finished.

And...one more! 

I rented this from our public library via my Kindle. Over half way through the book my loan ended! Now I'm back on the waiting list to borrow it again so I can finish it. Very good book so far and I'm not typically much of a historical, biographical, kind of reader. Its been more than a read for me...its been teaching me about history as well which was never something I loved (I'm more of math girl).

So what are you reading? 
Do you have any good recommendations for me? 
I have a few more on my list to read when I finish the ones I'm on now, but would love to hear what some of your favorites are! From any genre! 


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