Friday, July 11, 2014

Insta Friday

Happy Friday! 
Its been a fun one here so far with a trip to the park and a free slurpee thanks to 7-11! 

I'm linking up with LifeRearranged for another week of Insta Friday.
Basically its a little glimpse into my life via the photos I've taken and put on InstaGram

These two were cracking me up last night! 
sitting and having a bedtime snack together.
Their snack of choice? frozen.peas.
strange, I know.

The Hubs is working on a neighborhood cookout this month as an outreach ministry at church.
Every Wednesday we are going "To Every Door" to meet our WestSide neighbors and invite them to the cookout. We spent a good part of Wednesday afternoon stuffing bags with fliers and literature.

G got a new carseat, so what did we do with the box?
Built a "clubhouse" of course!

Last weekend Hubs and I had a morning date...we played golf. 
Maybe I should say we attempted. I was awful. Enough said.

Wearing big sister's sunnies

She wore earrings that belonged to my grandma to church on Sunday.
Very special. After Grandma passed away, I went through some jewelry and picked these for E. Small gold hoops. 

Spent the 4th with friends...pool, cookout, and fireworks at the levee!

4th of July selfies with momma!

The whole family selfie was a fail!

G's new hot wheels track...E and Hubs are enjoying it more than he is.

Finally brought my bike up from the garage and took E on a ride. We had so much fun! I need a trailer now though so I can take both kiddos!

Train set from G's birthday...thanks Grandpa Matt! 
Its already providing so much entertainment.

Free Slurpee today!! 

 I'm a tad bit late, but had to throw these in here. G-man turned 1 last week!! We had so much fun celebrating his life and he thoroughly enjoyed his first bites of chocolate!


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