Tuesday, July 1, 2014

life in seasons

Do any of you remember this post?
Have any of you been around this blog that long?

The last six years (basically since we've been married) have felt like a really long "waiting" season. 
Yes. Things have happened. We have lived life. We have welcomed life with the birth of two children. We have loved and enjoyed so many parts of our lives. 

There was still a tension in the unknown. 
We knew our calling. We knew our hearts' desires. We knew we were called to church planting/pastoring ministry. God answered specific prayers. He showed us exactly what church he wanted us to be a part of. A church that had the same vision for the Appalachian Region that we did. It was obvious that we were to be there. But the unknown of "when" was hard. 
It was more than hard. It was excruciating some days. 

The last 4 years we have known that we are where we are supposed to be. 
Yet, there was longing to be fully immersed in the work our hearts have passions for. 
The Hubs has worked in a few jobs that he has been very successful at, but they aren't his main passion and calling.

The journey has felt slow. 
But now?
Now we are embarking on the ministry we have so long yearned for.
The Hubs will be officially on staff at our church and looking toward church planting in the Appalachian Region. 

And it starts--this month! 

And now?
Looking back?


God has called us into a lot of unknown territory, moved us 6 times in 6 years, brought trials and hardships, grown us in ways we could have only imagine, strengthened our vision and passions, brought us into relationships that have deepened us spiritually, and allowed us to see HIM bring forth HIS purposes in us. 

It really feels like a dream. 
Is this really happening? The vision we have been longing to see come to pass is unfolding right before our eyes! We've seen glimpses along the way that have kept us going...kept us waiting rather than running. But those glimpses don't compare with the reality we see now. 

Many emotions accompany the door we are walking through and a new season we are embarking on. There's still uncertainty of when we will church plant, where we will plant, who will our team be made up of? All of these questions still linger, but we know that He will answer those questions as he had answered the questions in the past. 

Can I just encourage you? You who feel like you are in a waiting season?
I've been there. 
I'm still there.
And HE is also there. 
He will lead you to where you are supposed to go. Just take each step in His grace. 
Recognize that "waiting" is meant for growing. 
Don't wait to live life. Wait patiently and faithfully on His plan while living the life he has called you to right now. I wish I would have done a better job of that, honestly. 

Life is all around you. 
Life is now.
The rest--your hopes, yours dreams, your goals, your calling--will open up before you as you live life.
Take the little steps of faith. Don't be consumed with the "not yet". Be consumed with Him. 

Live the life you are called to now. 
And keep dreaming of what He has for you.


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