Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ballet Recital

So, I'm a bit behind on sharing our life with you all! 
That's how the summer tends to go around here though.

At the end of May, Little E had her first ever ballet recital.

To say it was cute would be an understatement! 

The theme was "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and the 3 year olds did a candy cane dance...sort of. They were supposed to do a candy cane dance that they worked on all year, but when you get six 3-year-olds together on a stage with bright lights and shouldn't get your hopes up! They kind of did the dance, but really they just gave everyone a good chuckle because they were so adorable in their little costumes just getting carried away with the music! 

E managed to complete about 1/3 of the dance which was a valiant effort on her part. 
She loved being all dressed up and putting make-up on! 


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