Thursday, July 17, 2014

Living Room Update

Remember how I mentioned that The Nesting Place had inspired me to decorate and love my home? 
I started with the living room. The room that needed the most love! 
I wrote about it here

You know how it goes though...its never really "done".
I wasn't completely in love with it either. 
I'm still not. 

I really want to cover my couch...that's a big job and I think I can do it but the thought it a little daunting! 

There are some new updates though! Thanks to Salvation Army Thrift Store, Goodwill, a hand-me-down frame and a $2 can of spray paint! :) 

I am totally in love with the mantle now!
That's always a hard one for me because I don't want it to look like too much or too little. It needs dimension and various textures. I was really having a hard time completing it so I added the twigs for height, the green vase for a pop of color but something was still missing. It all looked like similar textures to me. Then, a stroke of genius! I put the African beads in the white pedestal bowl and voila! Perfection. Dimension. Color. Texture. Exactly what it needed. 

The mirror was $2 at Goodwill. I spray painted it white.
Pedestal bowl cost 25 cents at Salvation Army Thrift Store.
The rest I found around my house.

I felt like the wall beside the chair needed a little something too.
Does that picture look familiar? It used to be above my mantle. 
A friend was getting rid of some large collage style frames. I simply removed the collage mat and sprayed the frame white. I had to cut my picture down a tad to fit the frame. 
I feel like this wall needs a little something else...words maybe? Not sure yet. 

All in all, the added updates cost about $8 and took 30 minutes of my time! 
Now, that's my kind of decorating! 


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