Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve Insta-Friday

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! 
Growing up my sister and I thought that was pretty cool to say...and honestly, I still think that! 

life rearranged

I'm back at it this morning with more pictures from my phone! 
Linking up with life rearranged for Insta-Friday!

Sorry this one turned out so blurry...
my Christmas tree with ALL of the presents wrapped and ready to go! (No, this wasn't this morning...I'm on top of things this year, I believe I took this on Monday! Yep, I had them all wrapped by Monday...not typical so I'm very proud of myself).

Tuesday evening we went to a friends house to what the Marshall University Thundering Herd beat FIU
 (Go Herd!)
Little E didn't even make it to half time. 

Stained Glass Cookies--my first attempt
I saw the recipe in a magazine recently and thought they looked super cute, so I decided to try them.
I think they turned out pretty nicely, but there are definitely some things I would do differently next time.
I think these will become a Christmas favorite in our house.

This is, by far, my favorite picture of the week! 
Wednesday I took E to my mom's house so my sister and I could finished our cookie baking and watch White Christmas (We love Bing)
I put E down for a nap in her bed there with my sister's giraffe pillow pet, Jolly. I heard her so I sneaked up to see what was going on. You can barely tell in this pic, but Jolly was propped up (looked like he was sitting) and E was sitting up facing him and "talking" and giggling at him (to him?). It was adorable. 
We've come to the conclusion that she needs a pillow pet too. 

I feel like ending this post like I began wishing you a 
Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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