Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a weekend in review

Just so you know, I really should be studying right now, but this just seemed like more fun. :) 

This past weekend, we went to our hometown's Christmas parade. We met at my  mom's house and walked the 2 blocks down to the parade route. It was beautifully sunny, but very chilly as well! 

 Waiting for the parade to begin!

 So maybe I'm a crazy momma, but the sirens were entirely too loud! Little E didn't really understand why I had my mittened hands covering her ears. Seriously though, I think every fire truck in town was in the parade, so if there was fire in SA that day, I guess you were out of luck.

 Hanging out with Mawmaw (that's Mike's mom). For some strange reason we didn't end up with a picture of us with my mom! Oh well, maybe next time :)

We had a wonderful time! Afterwards we walked around town to a few of the little shops. One in particular is a brand new flower shop that just opened in place of the old flower shop and it was beautiful! We spent a long time just browsing and admiring their Christmas trees and other decor! 

So this was Sunday, it has nothing to do with the parade, but I just had to post it! Sundays are hard with E's napping routine because she simply will not sleep in the nursery at church. I did get her to sleep a little while in the service this week, but she was exhausted by the time we got home. Mike was just relaxing (obviously) with a friend of ours while holding Zoe and E. She just crashed right there on the couch. It was too cute to not photograph. 



  1. Love the pictures! You guys are just a little Red family at the parade :)

  2. I thought that too...lots of red! But red is very Christmasy!


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