Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mundane or Magnificent?

This post  from a friend's blog really spoke to me in what I've been feeling lately. Do you ever feel like there has to be more to life than laundry, dishes, fixing lunch/dinner, running the vacuum, picking up toys.....the list could go on and on!

Many times I feel frustrated, like I've wasted my day, when all I manage to get done are the daily "chores", the mundane things. But my heart was challenged by her post that these are the places (the mundane days) where real learning take place in my heart and my child's heart. The mundane things are what God uses! He uses bread to feed us, water to quench our thirst and a baby to save us. Very intriguing when you think about it...doesn't seem like anything fancy does it? But that is what God uses, so I should treasure it!

What are the mundane things for you? And are you treasuring them as you should or belittling them? I promise you won't find joy until you learn to treasure the little things God places in your life and become thankful for them! Just think...at least we have washing machines and dryers, running water, and electricity! Women throughout history (and even some now in other countries) do their daily work without these conveniences! If anything, be thankful for that! 


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