Wednesday, December 21, 2011

counting to 1000...

I posted previously about One Thousand Gifts.
Yesterday I finished the book. It was exciting because I rarely have time to read and I felt like I had really accomplished something great! But if I was to be completely honest, I was really sad...yes SAD! 

This book has become a friend to me. A source of encouragement and challenge. 
I was sad to have finished it because I feel like it is just starting to take root in my life. It took its time gently prying my heart open and revealing areas where I need His help. 
Now that's over...but I plan to continue refreshing myself through re-reading the book. 

Throughout the book there were many lines I wanted to share...I felt like I was constantly wanting to post lines from the book to my Facebook or Twitter to share with everyone! However, I feel like some of the words would be difficult to understand when taken out of context of the book as a whole. Last night as I was finished up the last chapter, I came across several (a dozen maybe?) of those words that I felt were powerful. 

"Giving thanks awakens me to a God giving Himself, the naked, unashamed passion, God giving Himself to me--for me--a surrender of love. 'Gratitude is the most fruitful way of deepening your consciousness that you are...a divine choice,' wrote Henri Nouwen. A divine choice! He chooses His children to fully live!...The discipline of giving thanks, of unwrapping one thousand gifts, unwraps God's heart bare: I choose you.  Live!"

I am a divine choice? YES! While this isn't always easy to comprehend, it is the truth. Unwrapping God's gifts, saying "Yes" to each moment that He brings, reveals His love-heart for me, for you. 

Wow! I could simply go on and on and on....

But, I will spare you, and tell you to just read the book for yourself and be prepared for a change. 

As I pondered how to continue this change in my life (because just as Ann Voskamp says, I have spiritual amnesia--most of the time!) I decided to try to capture my "thanks moments" through photos. Not just capture them, but share them.--here--in this space. 

The goal: 1000gifts, moments, blessings from God. 
In photographic form.
At least 7 per week (1 per day).

1. quite time while E is toe nail polish

2. curiosity and exploration in Little E 

Two down...998 to go!
Join me?


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