Friday, December 9, 2011


life rearranged is FRIDAY!
Hurray! I simply love the weekends...especially this one because (drum roll please)
I just finished the semester yesterday! Okay, so technically I have a couple of finals next week, but I'm completely finished with going to classes for the semester. Only one to go until student teaching and I will have my degree by this time next year! 

Alright...enough of that, here's a look at my week through pictures :)

Yes--this Mama jams to T. Swift :)
The hubs got me her Christmas album last weekend!! 

Christmas shopping--and I couldn't decide, so I photographed
and sent it to my sister. Which, by the way, was pointless, because
she recommended one pair and I chose the other.

Charleston Christmas Parade! 
First time I've been to the parade since I was a little girl, and
we had the perfect spot! Right on the corner where the sun was shinning. E loved it.

Last night we made our first annual Christmas Kolache. 
LauraBeth (over at Savoring the little things...), she's my cousin (my hubs' cousins' wife, but same thing). 
When we were in Uganda she taught me the secrets of Kolache making, so we decided to make it a Christmas tradition. 
You should have seen us (Yep, he helped) all covered in flour. It was hilarious! We thought the dough would never turn out right, but it did! Hopefully next year will go a little more smoothly, but we enjoyed our late night baking date, even if we were getting a little loopy by the end. 

No, you're eyes aren't deceiving you---Yes, she is standing and trying (notice--"trying") to walk. 
She's going to be the tiniest little walker, standing only 27 inches tall, but isn't it cute? Honestly, I'm hoping she doesn't take off just yet, because then it will definitely get crazy here, but she's pulling up on everything right now, and loves it! She'll be running soon; I'm certain of it!

There ya have it! I've had a crazy, busy, fun week, and I'm now ready for this weekend to begin! Lots of Christmas fun going on! A parade in my mother's town and Christmas party tomorrow, church and a cookie exchange (that I'm hosting) on Sunday! 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 


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