Friday, April 12, 2013

Insta-Friday + Spring Clean Update!

Welcome Friday!
I don't know exactly what it is about Fridays that I love so much because the truth is, my job (a wife and mother) doesn't take Saturdays and Sundays off. I think it is just the fact that everyone else around me is off work so it gives us a nice change of pace! Having The Hubs home is one perk I particularly adore :) 

Please forgive me for being so horrible at my House Cleaning Challenge Updates this week! Here's a little catch-up for you:

Challenge #10
Deep Clean the Living Room
I did this yesterday morning and it honestly didn't take as long as I thought it would. My tasks were as follows: 
-Clean windows
-Dust furniture
-Wipe baseboards
-Put away "out-of-place" items
-Run Vacuum

I managed to finish all of it within a few hours. I kind of put off running the vacuum until Little E went down for nap. Sorry there are no pictures--by the time I got around to taking some, I had begun sorting baby clothes in the living room and it was a mess! Kind of defeated the purpose of the pictures :) 

Challenge #11
Clean your Bathroom(s)
Since I was already behind a day, I was playing catch-up yesterday. I went ahead and cleaned both of the downstairs bathrooms which are half baths. I plan to finish this project today by cleaning the upstairs bathrooms along with project #12 which is Cleaning Out a Closet...not too excited about that one! 

I probably could have finished cleaning all four bathrooms if it hand't been for our craziness! Little E had two potty accidents (VERY rare...she's been potty trained for almost a year now!) and our dog, Zoe, also peed in the floor twice, ate an entire box of raisins (I'm talking the large box, not the snack packs), and threw up three times. I was constantly cleaning the floors! 
Needless to say, when I vacuumed the living room, I also vacuumed the entire downstairs because of all the messes we had! Ahh--life with a toddler and a dog....

Now, on to typical FRIDAY fun!
linking up @ LifeRearranged

I didn't take too many photos on my phone this week, so just have a few to share with you! 

The weather here has been PERFECT! 
Here's out picnic lunch the other day--complete with a vase of daffodils! (Thanks, Hubs!)

We took advantage of a warm evening and roasted marshmallows in the back yard! 
Little E loves marshmallows.

Okay, so she wore this dress on Sunday. It got washed on Monday and she wore it again on Tuesday. My daughter has obsessive tendencies (like wearing her Cinderella "glass slippers" every day and night for over a week...yeah...that's another story). She apparently LOVES this dress! And its cute, so I'm cool with her wearing it whenever. The kicked for Tuesday was the cat ears. She insisted on wearing them. 
I guess when you're two you can pull it off. 

So, there you have it! Our week in a nut shell--cleaning and enjoying the warm weather. That's basically what we've done! 

Hope you enjoy your weekend! 
Spring is definitely here and we plan to enjoy it to the fullest, while also celebrating my sister's birthday!

Happy Weekend-ing!


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