Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Cleaning Challenge--Day #3

Today's project was to 

You could either choose a bedroom to do, or do them all. 
Since we only have two rooms that are technically being used as bedrooms,
I went ahead and did both of them. 
The other two bedrooms are being used as a sewing room and a storage room at this point, so I will tackle those later in the challenge. 

I didn't follow the challenge to a "T" because it just didnt' fit my definition of "surface clean".
Here is what I did:

Cleared all clutter from surfaces
Wiped/Dusted tables and dressers
Washed windows and wiped down the ledges around them
Cleaned/dusted ceiling fans
Put clutter back where it belongs

Finished product! 
Top two photos are E's bedroom.
Bottom four are of the master bedroom 
(you can see our little pup Zoe snuck into one of them).

It took a little longer than 20 minutes because of the ceiling fan cleaning/dusting. 
We've lived in this house for about 10 months and I have never dusted the ceiling fans. You can tell where this is going can't you? They were disgusting! No wonder my dust-allergic husband starts sneezing every night when he gets into bed (Sorry Babe!)! The fan in E's room was replaced since we've lived here, so it wasn't bad. There was quite a bit of dust on her furniture though--we still haven't moved her crib out, so she has 4 large pieces of furniture in her room which I rarely get around to cleaning. 

Overall, it was a fairly simple task that didn't take long to complete. 
I managed to do the Master bedroom before E woke up. Obviously, I waited until she was awake to do hers.

Tomorrow's task= 
Surface Clean Extra Rooms!
I have lots of extra rooms right now, which isn't something I particularly care for--especially not since I am going to be cleaning them all tomorrow! Oh well...that's why its called a challenge right?!?



  1. Kudos to you for washing the windows! Mine haven't been done in a year. I think it's coming up in the challenge later in the month so that will be an interesting day!

  2. Way to go with the extra cleaning!


  3. Lol...I always have to change the bed sheets after I dust the fan above our bed. When I finally get around to it, there is always so much dust that it spills out of the dust rag and onto the bed. Did I really just admit that?

    Great job on the bedroom!

    Denise :)


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