Friday, April 26, 2013

Insta Friday!

Its that time of the week again--time to link up your phone photos with Jeanette over at LifeRearranged!

This really is one of my favorite link ups! I look forward to it every week! 
Last Saturday The Hub gave me some much needed "alone time" 
I went to a local coffee shop (that is moving, I might add! That's ok, but it makes it further away from our house) and indulged in an almond milk latte, banana nut muffin, some reading, journaling, and blogging. It was SO refreshing!

Remember that mustache fabric I picked up on a whim?
Here is one of the bibs I made with it. I made two for my little guy and my mom is
going to take the remainder of the fabric and make me another wet bag (since the last one she made me was a little girly one). 

Zoe (the dog) interrupted nap time not once, but twice this week! Ugh! It was a pretty cute sight to see, but it made for a couple of long days with no naps.

We decided to go down the road a few miles on Tuesday evening for a little shopping and came across a children's consignment sale. We picked up this little shirt for baby boy (considering The Hubs LOVES the Bears), a dress for Little E, some cleats for The Hub to play softball in, and a pair of maternity shorts for me! 
It was a trip well worth it! I had been looking for some size small maternity shorts and had not been able to find ANY! I was becoming really frustrated, but I found a pair on consignment for $5! The Hubs needed the cleats too and they were only $10 and look brand new! 

Little E's new summer halter top! 
It is a tiny bit too big, but I wasn't sure of her measurements when I made it. I need to take it in a little bit, but I love it! Adorable and super easy! 
(Check out my Pinterest board for the tutorial)

Ringling Brothers is in town this week. Every year they have 
the Elephant Brunch outside of the mall. Basically, they feed the elephants all sort of fruits, veggies, and breads. Clowns are there too. Little E had a blast and Papa came over from work to watch with us!

Date Night! 
We played tennis and grabbed some frozen yogurt (for me) and a smoothie (for Hubs).

First attempt at cooking and eating brussels sprouts. They turned out so delicious! 
Caramelized Lemon Brussels Sprouts

Solo cups and various size balls= endless fun! 
Like bowling, but Little E threw and kicked the balls more than she rolled them. 
Either way, she had a blast! We probably did this for an hour! FUN!


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