Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Clean Challenge--Update #17

Today's project was

I was so thankful for an easy task today! 
This literally took less than 10 minutes! 

I simply took my bottle of "homemade 409" and a wash cloth around the house and sprayed and wiped every door knob and light switch plate I could find! It was quick and painless :) 

Then, me and Little E took the rest of the day and had a blast!
We picked up my sister's dog from the groomer, mailed something at the post office, stopped by the library (where I got some books on fun activities for 2-year-old that I can't wait to browse through), stopped in a local thrift store we hadn't ever been to before (no luck with treasures this time, but we'll try it again in a few weeks) and then dropped by my parents house for a little snack and Doc McStuffins while we waited for Papa to get off work! It was definitely a much needed fun afternoon! 

Now its on to dinner (breakfast for dinner here tonight) and *hopefully* some sewing this evening! 

Tomorrow's project will probably take me a little bit longer than today's, but it definitely needs to happen!
What is it you ask? 
Cleaning out the refrigerator!

Just a warning--the photos that are coming for tomorrow may be a little gruesome. Probably not for the faint of heart (or stomach). 

See ya tomorrow, friends!


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