Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Clean Challenge--Catching up!

So, somehow over the weekend I got a little behind on the house cleaning challenge. 
Yesterday I had big dreams of getting caught up that completely went by the wayside. It was a trying day in the parenting realm and left me exhausted. Maybe hitting the 30-week mark in pregnancy had something to do with the tiredness too? Probably! 

Either way, I felt kind of defeated last night. 
This morning I took the dog for a walk at 6:00! 
It was beautiful to see and hear the world waking up--birds singing, sun rising, etc. It was quiet and I had time to think and pray. It was just the boost that I needed this morning! 

So, I am *basically* caught up! 

I got the upstairs bathrooms cleaned this morning (project # 21)
as well as the floors all vacuumed (project #23). 

I seriously doubt that I will get to today's project
Clean the Linen Closet

We have a busy day planned with a busy evening as well. I might be playing catch-up tomorrow too! 

Oh well! At least I feel a bit better now having gotten those other chores done this morning--and all before 9:30 too! 

Happy cleaning to you all!


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