Monday, April 8, 2013

It's A...

Hold on!
Not so fast! 
Did you really think I was just going to put it out there like that? 
Nope! There has to be some sort of anticipation :) 

Let's start at the beginning. 

With Little E we didn't find out the gender until birth and that was our original plan this time around too. Then some super great friends of ours offered to throw us a gender reveal party! We took them up on the offer! They did everything and blessed us so much by their hard work and preparation. The party was a blast! 
I LOVE the gray and yellow color scheme and that's what Baby's room will be decorated in. I wanted to choose something gender neutral so I could go ahead and start making the bedding. We used that color scheme for the party as well. 

Guests were encouraged to wear gray if they thought it was a boy and yellow if they thought it was a girl. Then, they had to put on either a mustache or a bow when they arrived. That was good because some people tried to be neutral--that wasn't an option! 

Gender prediction based on old wive's tales...FUN!

Our house was divided. Both The Hubs and Little E wore yellow bows. I was the lone gray/mustache wearer until The Hubs made sure Zoe (our dog) had a mustache attached to her harness :)

We had tons of food! The BBQ was scrumptious and the desserts were even better! 

Another pre-party family shot. 
Little E's shirt says, "I'm the Big Sister".
So cute!

Testing out the old wive's tales...
Results--anyone want to switch teams before the reveal based on the results?

Team Girl
Team Boy

Now it's time for the 
Big Reveal!
Ready for the balloon drop! 
Little E helped Mama and Papa pull the string--
everyone is in suspense!!!

Watch the video below to see the excitement in "real time"...
but don't scroll too far! You'll see spoiler photos!

Were you surprised?
We were! Surprised and very excited! I think The Hubs is MUCH more excited than me...he could hardly sleep on Saturday night :)

Let me just tell you how BIG of a deal this is--we have NO boys in my family! 
My dad had 3 daughters and so far 3 grand-daughters. He was convinced that this would be another girl, so when he found out it was a boy he was shocked! The Hubs is the only male in his family to provide another male to carry on the family name! He was over the moon! On my mom's side of the family there are 5 grand-daughters! On dad's side, out of 11 grand-children, the first 9 were girls! Yikes! Tons of girls---see why its a big deal?

That said, I have zero experience with little boys! So, if any of you mamas-of-boys have any advice, feel free to leave it! I'm thrilled to have a son, but a little nervous since I've been surrounded by girls my entire life!



  1. You're in big trouble, Rachel! There's NOTHING like mama's little boy. Advice? Start collecting dump trucks now.

  2. Congratulations! Boys are so fun.

  3. What joy!! Congratulations Ervin family! I have 3 girls and 1 boy... my boy LOVES his MOMMA!! But he has such a special relationship with his daddy too. He loves to watch sports and wrestle and play ball and then come snuggle with Mommy. ENJOY! And thank you for sharing this awesome moment-- I was in such anticipation! What a wonderful celebration.

  4. If you have a "little" Michael, you'll do just fine! It is true...."snakes and snails and puppy dog tails"....that's what little boys are made of!! Enjoy and God bless you all!!


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