Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Clean Challenge--Weekend Update

For this weekend, you could choose between three different projects. I chose
Clean Out a Closet.

Technically, I didn't clean out a closet, it is more like a large cabinet, but it really needed cleaned out and I felt like it fit the description closely enough that it would work. 

This cabinet is in our living room, and holds...well basically anything. The bottom is specifically designated for board games, but the top is kind of a "catch-all" which is why it desperately needed attention. 

I tried to organize our DVD and CD collection. Honestly, we have WAY too many CDs, but I can't get rid of them until I am certain they are saved to our computer...and make sure its ok with The Hubs. 
See that big pile of cords? I went through all of those as well. Figured out what they go with, and put them with their mate! The camera (video, point and shoot, and our nice camera) all got put with their chargers and in their case/box. 

See my candle collection? I LOVE candles--especially Yankee Candles. I've decided I need to try to finish as many of those as I can before we move in a couple months. They are nicely arranged in the cabinet awaiting their burning :) 
Our wedding photos and other family photos stayed in the cabinet, but are now more organized and just nicer to look at. 

Much better! I feel like I can actually tell what is in the cabinet now! 
Some things got put in the yard sale pile, while others got placed where they really belong. 

Oh...and this little cutie seems to think that everytime I am taking photos for this challenge, she needs to  be in one. I willingly oblige. :)

In case you are wondering, I did catch up on the cleaning bathrooms part of the challenge that I missed last week. I cleaned downstairs bathrooms (2) on Thursday and the upstairs ones (2) on Friday! 
So, I am caught up! Hooray!

Today's part of the challenge is 
Surface Clean Living Room and Kitchen.
Good thing, because mine needs it again! 
Check back this evening for an update on how today goes! Its Monday which means its a busy day! Hopefully I can get motivated and get some energy--hitting the third trimester last week seems to have drained me a little more than I expected. 


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  1. Great job on cleaning the closet! It looks very organized!



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