Friday, April 5, 2013


We're taking a break from the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge post today. 
Don't worry...I'm still planning to post an update this weekend :) 

I'm just ready for something a little more fun today! 
It is Friday, so let's start off the weekend with 

This is happening tomorrow! 
We had our ultrasound back in January, but decided to wait a while to find out the gender of this baby. 
Some good great friends of ours are throwing the party. They know the gender of this baby and we don't! So, tomorrow evening they will reveal it to family, friends, and (of course) us! 
We are crazy excited!

Belly shot--27 weeks. 
I'm horrible at taking belly shots, so here's the only one that exists!

To-do list
I've had lots of lists this week with preparing the house for the party tomorrow, normal daily chores, and the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge! 

We enjoyed a nice fire on Saturday evening with my mother-in-law. 
The weather was perfect!

Little E's Easter Basket. 
Traditional Symbolic gifts, a little chocolate, and a book (tradition as well).

Easter Egg Hunt! 
So funny--she just wanted to pick up the pink and purple eggs! 
Finally got her to understand that green and yellow are okay too :)

Coloring eggs with Aunt B before she moved!

Waiting on the Easter Egg Hunt to begin.
Notice the Cinderella glass slippers. 
I'll have you know we bought them on Friday and she's worn them every day and most nights (to bed)! 
I think she's a bit obsessed--but in a cute little girly way!


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  1. Oh I love that Little E liked the purple and not the green and yellow eggs. Not sure where you live, but she'll be a good Vikings fan. LOL. Stopping by from InstaFriday. Have a great week! And, enjoy your reveal party!


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